Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scary Week!

Well, this has been a scary time for our family. Lucas started running a temperature between 100 and 101 on Thursday morning. I didn't think it was that high, but I called the doctor anyway. They were very concerned because of his age. I had no idea, but any infant under 6 weeks old, you have to be worried over 100.4.

I took him to the doctor and she was very concerned, simply b/c of his age. She did xrays and preliminary bloodwork. Everything came back normal, except his differentials did show there might be some sort of virus. She was still concered since Lucas was still running a temp of 101.1 at 5:30. She wanted us to go in to the ER for a spinal tap. I didn't understand why since all of his bloodwork was normal, but I really trust her.

We got to the ER and several hours later, Lucas underwent a spinal tap. It was painful, for both of us! No one wants to see their little 5 week old go through something like that. Finally, they came back around 11 pm and told me that he had spinal meningitis. They said it was most likely viral, but just to be sure, he would need to be admitted for atleast 2 days. It takes up to 48 hours for the cultures on bloodwork and spinal fluid to grow. We were very blessed that it wasn't bacterial meningitis, which I hear is much much worse. They treated him as if it was bacterial meningitis and pumped him full of antibiotics just to be safe. We found out yesterday that it was definitely a virus. His blood tested positive for the entero virus, which is a very common virus that goes around in young kids in the summer time. In fact, Savannah was sick too and she most likely had the virus, but since Lucas is so young, it moved into his spinal fluid. Yuck! We were admitted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and aside from Lucas being sick, it was an amazing experience! I knew they were the top children's hospital in the US, but experiencing it first hand was incredible. Everyone was so friendly, caring, and everything was made for kids! Even the tiny gown he wore. I will definitely be donating to them!

I actually ended up getting something there as well. 103 fever! It was a very uncomfortable 24 hours for me. I hated it b/c it was so hard to take care of Lucas when I was sick. Poor Brian had to stay home to take care of our other sick baby, Savannah, so I was there by myself. AND, I spent my 28th birthday sick and in the hospital (oh well, at least my baby is alive, that is the best gift I could have!)

Anyways, we are so blessed that everything worked out and Lucas is now healthy and home. God was really watching out for us cause it could've been a lot worse. Now we need to pray for Savannah, she was so much better yesterday and this morning. Then, after her afternoon nap, she woke up screaming hysterically and couldn't be calmed. She was running a 101.5 temp and complaining of hurting all over. She's been miserable all night. Hopefully, she'll be better soon. Well, ya know, when it rains, it pours!

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Julie Tiemann said...

Oh my goodness, April!!! SOOO scary. Geez, I TOTALLY understand all your fears. We were at CHOA's ER twice in Amelia's second week of life. We were blessed that she never was sick enough to be admitted, but I definitely understand the fear of the unknown you felt. I'm so sorry little Lucas was so sick, and you and Savannah on top of that! I'm praying she will heal soon and none of you will get sick anytime soon - you need a break!!! I'm so glad that everyone is okay - praise God!