Tuesday, August 26, 2008

God is great, sing His praise!

Finally! We are all healthy in the Holcombe household! Lucas broke out in a rash on Sunday that we were told signifies the end to this awful virus. Since then, his temp has been normal 98.6! We feel so blessed that we can close that chapter of his little life. He is still having a hard time latching on and eating, but they said he's probably still just a little weak.

Savannah Joy got sick again on SUnday and ran a random temp of 102 all day and was completely miserable. She woke up fever free yesterday morning and has been great ever since.

Mommy's breast infection is much better and I have also been fever free and pain free for a few days thanks to the big white Augmentin pill. LOL. I also went in for my 6 week post partum check up today and everything was perfect. I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since Lucas came into the world!

So, I got a bunch of built up laundry done today which was a relief since one of my guest rooms was covered in clean laundry. UGH! How annoying. We are getting a bit of Hurricane Faye and have been having some pretty hefty storms here. I could barely see to drive this morning to my appt.

Well, Lucas just woke up from a 2 hour nap and we are headed to McDonalds for dinner. If you haven't already, you should visit www.facetheglory.com and get the coupon for a free southern style chicken biscuit (am) or sandwich (pm) when you buy any medium or large drink (.99 cents everyday!) between now and September 1st! Brian has had so many chicken sandwiches in the past week that he is now having nightmares about them. LOL. But, hey, who can beat a large drink and sandwich for .99 cents. These are tough times! :)

That's it for now. Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight." Proverbs 3 v. 5 and 6

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scary Week!

Well, this has been a scary time for our family. Lucas started running a temperature between 100 and 101 on Thursday morning. I didn't think it was that high, but I called the doctor anyway. They were very concerned because of his age. I had no idea, but any infant under 6 weeks old, you have to be worried over 100.4.

I took him to the doctor and she was very concerned, simply b/c of his age. She did xrays and preliminary bloodwork. Everything came back normal, except his differentials did show there might be some sort of virus. She was still concered since Lucas was still running a temp of 101.1 at 5:30. She wanted us to go in to the ER for a spinal tap. I didn't understand why since all of his bloodwork was normal, but I really trust her.

We got to the ER and several hours later, Lucas underwent a spinal tap. It was painful, for both of us! No one wants to see their little 5 week old go through something like that. Finally, they came back around 11 pm and told me that he had spinal meningitis. They said it was most likely viral, but just to be sure, he would need to be admitted for atleast 2 days. It takes up to 48 hours for the cultures on bloodwork and spinal fluid to grow. We were very blessed that it wasn't bacterial meningitis, which I hear is much much worse. They treated him as if it was bacterial meningitis and pumped him full of antibiotics just to be safe. We found out yesterday that it was definitely a virus. His blood tested positive for the entero virus, which is a very common virus that goes around in young kids in the summer time. In fact, Savannah was sick too and she most likely had the virus, but since Lucas is so young, it moved into his spinal fluid. Yuck! We were admitted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and aside from Lucas being sick, it was an amazing experience! I knew they were the top children's hospital in the US, but experiencing it first hand was incredible. Everyone was so friendly, caring, and everything was made for kids! Even the tiny gown he wore. I will definitely be donating to them!

I actually ended up getting something there as well. 103 fever! It was a very uncomfortable 24 hours for me. I hated it b/c it was so hard to take care of Lucas when I was sick. Poor Brian had to stay home to take care of our other sick baby, Savannah, so I was there by myself. AND, I spent my 28th birthday sick and in the hospital (oh well, at least my baby is alive, that is the best gift I could have!)

Anyways, we are so blessed that everything worked out and Lucas is now healthy and home. God was really watching out for us cause it could've been a lot worse. Now we need to pray for Savannah, she was so much better yesterday and this morning. Then, after her afternoon nap, she woke up screaming hysterically and couldn't be calmed. She was running a 101.5 temp and complaining of hurting all over. She's been miserable all night. Hopefully, she'll be better soon. Well, ya know, when it rains, it pours!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Little Joy!

Happy Birthday Angel! Well, our little girl is now 2 years old. We had such a fun day. 1st, mama made homemade chocolate chip pancakes. We put a number 2 candle in them and let her blow it out. She was so excited this morning! "Hat-tee Burt-Day Vannah!" is what she ran around saying.

Then, she got dressed in her "Birthday Girl" tee shirt and went to the Children's Museum in Atlanta with her boyfriend Aiden. Really, we are determined to arrange their marriage :). They were so cute together! She had so much fun. They played store, painted, and did lots of somersaults.

When people asked her how old she was... she said "two in August". That's what I used to tell everyone when they asked her age. "She'll be 2 in August" I guess she heard it enough, so now I'm teaching her she can just say 2, because it's already August.

Lastly, we went to Chikfila for family night and the whole restaurant sang her Happy Birthday and gave her free ice cream.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Savannah turns 2, Lucas 1 month... wow, how time flies!

So, I hate that I am so bad about blogging. It's been almost a month since I've posted, so I'll make it a good one. LOL. Gets kinda busy with two little ones...

Well, Savannah Joy turns 2 years old tomorrow! I cannot believe it. She is a trip. Where do I start? She is fully potty trained, day and night... knows all of her colors (her favorite is blue), and LOVES the doodlebops. She is such a sweet big sister. Always giving baby Wook! "Luke" kisses and hugs and trying to "help" Mommy. She talks all the time and wants to do everything herself! She looks a lot like Daddy, but totally has my personality (drama queen!). As sweet as she is, we are definitely getting a taste of what everyone calls the "terrible twos". You never think it's going to happen to you. Ever heard "my child will NEVER act like that. HAHAHA! Just wait. Even the most precious little faces are capable of it. :) Her favorite word is NO. We are now throwing ourself on the floor, whining, crying, and trying to get away with anything we can. It's fun! Good times... Overall though, we are so thankful for her sweet and loving spirit. She is our little princess.

Tomorrow, for her bday, we are going to get up and make chocolate chip pancakes, dress up in our birthday girl shirt and tiara (thanks to Aunt Heather and Aunt Kelly) visit Chikfila for lunch, play at the mall playplace, and bake a rainbow cake (her request!) It should be loads of fun. We are having her party on Saturday here at the house. It's a doodlebops theme. She's dressing up in a Dee Dee costume for the party that Aunt Heather bought her. So cute I can't stand it, I'll post pics later.

Baby Lucas couldn't be better. He is so laid back! Totally opposite of Savannah. She was really high maintenance. He sleeps and eats and cries when he gets gas, is hungry, or tired. He's so sweet and very healthy! He outgrew his newborn diapers and clothing after 2 weeks. He just goes with the flow.

Well, that's it for now, will try to post more soon.

BTW, the pictures up top are of Savannah. The 1st is her fingerpainting naked in the bathtub (really fun for her and easy to clean up too!), the next is her and her adorable boyfriend Aiden at Chikfila for National Cow Day, they dressed up like cows to get free food ;), the next two are of her and her aunt Heather and Uncle Richard at our house shortly after Lucas was born.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nurse Visit

Thursday, July 18th

We had a nurse come visit the house today. Pretty cool! Kaiser offers this service to anyone who goes home within 24 hours to check up on mom and baby. She was super nice and Lucas was very healthy except she was a little concerned about his weight. He was born 9 lbs. 1 oz. When we left the hospital, he was 8 lbs. 12 oz. and today he was 8 lbs. 3 oz. She said he lost 10% of his body weight. She said it was probably because my milk had not come in yet and she told me to feed him every 2 hours until it did to try and get his weight up. We have our 1st appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow so we'll see if he gains anything then. He was a little jaundice today 10.3 so we'll check that again too.

Other than that, he is nursing really well and sleeping a lot. Savannah is still with Brian's sister so we are missing her but enjoying the time to getting to rest and get to know Lucas. She's coming back tomorrow, so that will be nice. My dad is still here and we're getting to spend some good time with him. I'll try to post again tomorrow. That's all for now

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Lucas is here!

Baby Lucas Jacob is finally here! He came into the world on his Daddy's birthday, 7/15! My labor was very interesting to say the least. Tuesday morning, I called the doctor because Lucas wasn't moving very much and I wanted to make sure everything was ok. I left a message with the doctor and they said they would call me back within 30 minutes. Well... about 30 minutes later, my water broke! I was in Savannah's playroom and she was very dissapointed in me and told me that I should not go peepee on the floor, only in the potty! (it was hilarious, because she is fully potty trained now and that's what I told her!)

This was about 9:30 in the morning, so I called the doctor back and told them not to worry, my water broke. They told me to come on in to the doctor's office so they could check me out. I wasn't having any contractions yet, so they said to take my time and made my appointment for 11:30. It was ok if I was running later, just to call and let them know. So, I took a shower, got Savannah ready, finished cleaning the house, and had Brian's sister come and get Savannah. We didn't even leave the house until a little after noon for the doctor's office. I started having some mild contractions in the car around 12:05 and they were coming about 5 to 6 minutes apart. We stopped and got some food from Chikfila and arrived at the doctor's office around 1:15. After she took my blood pressure, there was another gush of water and when the doctor checked me, I was fully effaced and 4 cm so he sent me to the hospital. While leaving the doctor's office, my contractions became a lot stronger and very close together (2-3 minutes). The 10 minute ride to Northside was pretty intense. Once we arrived and got checked into a room, I was pretty much begging every person I saw for an epidural, even the receptionist checking us in. By that point, it was around 2:05 and I was getting maybe 30 seconds in between contractions. The mid wife arrived around 2:15 and checked me. I was at 5 cm and she ordered my epidural, but warned me that it would be at least 20 minutes before I could get it because they had to do bloodwork and get it back. So, I was begging for anything! IV drugs were the best that they could do and I got that about 2:30 after they got all my paperwork and iv in. Well... here's the fun part... a few minutes after I got the IV cocktail, I told the nurse that I had to poop! It was coming out and I told her she better get a bedpan to catch it. She rushed over to me and checked me and told me that it wasn't poop, it was Lucas' head coming out! I was freaking out and screaming that there was no way I could do it without an epidural! I was convinced they were all kidding and was very convinced that I just had to poop! She told me to basically snap out of it and assured me that I was not getting an epidural and that the only way to get rid of the pain was to PUSH! So, I did and he was completely out in 3 minutes FLAT. All 9 lbs of him! Poor Brian is all I can say... I was not very nice to him during this whole ordeal and he got bit while I was pushing. I had to bear down on something and his arm was the most convenient thing. Needless to say, I had always wanted to try natural childbirth and although I did not plan it this way... looking back... I'm glad I did it. It was over quick and he was healthy, very healthy.

We ended up staying in the hospital for 24 hours and getting to go home cause mama and baby were doing so well. We were glad for that.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucas Jacob Holcombe

I went in for my 32 week appointment yesterday and everything looks great with baby Lucas! He was measuring right on track, very strong heartbeat... Praise God. He is a very active baby. He moves ALL the time (even at night... fun fun!) Only 7 more weeks from today and I can hold him in my arms. Just wanted to update!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update on the Family

It's been a while since I've given an update on the Holcombe bunch!

Savannah or "Fannah" as she calls herself is on a potty training mission. It's been 3 days now of using the potty on a regular basis. She's so excited to say bye bye to diapers and hello to big girl panties. Mommy is too! Diapers are SO expensive. We'll get atleast 8 weeks break from buying diapers, better than nothin'! She loves to wipe, flush and tell her pee pee bye bye. We use stickers and candy to motivate her (she calls them 'treats')

Her language has exploded the last couple of weeks. It's amazing how fast they grow in such little time. Her new phrases are "no more", "i do!" (very popular), "golf ball", "in a minute", and many more. New words pop up every day!

Her new interest is fire trucks! Her great uncle Chuckie took her for a ride on one of his fire trucks a few weeks ago when we were in Charleston for my cousin Heather's graduation/engagement party. Ever since then, she's been obsessed. We have a fire station close to our house and they told us to come by any time to let her visit and get inside of a firetruck. She did it today and was ecstatic. In her broken sentences, she says "fire" "hot" "whoo whoo". Then when we leave, I hear "more, more, more!"

She is getting very excited about her baby brother Lucas. So is Mommy! Only 8 more weeks. She knows exactly who he is and where he is. She loves to lift my shirt and kiss the baby. She tries to feed him through my belly button. heehee, and sometimes thinks she has a baby in her belly too. She went to my last doctors appointment with me and got to hear his heart, so she now says "baby" "heart" "beat beat". It's so sweet. She's really good with babies so we're hoping she doesn't get too jealous. She's such a great helper!

Lucas is growing every day and VERY active. He doesn't stop moving. He's been so healthy this whole pregnancy. We are so thankful and so blessed to be given two angels, one boy, one girl... God is good!

Brian is great! He's been working from home a lot which is super. He's such a trooper when Savannah wants Daddy to go EVERYWHERE with us, from the park to the play place to the grocery store and so on. She loves her Daddy and if you ask her whose baby she is, she says DADDY! She calls him "my Daddy" a lot. It's so sweet. We've really been enjoying the time together as a family. That's about it for now. I'll update more often now that I am on the computer more. Hope all is well with everyone.