Monday, August 11, 2008

Savannah turns 2, Lucas 1 month... wow, how time flies!

So, I hate that I am so bad about blogging. It's been almost a month since I've posted, so I'll make it a good one. LOL. Gets kinda busy with two little ones...

Well, Savannah Joy turns 2 years old tomorrow! I cannot believe it. She is a trip. Where do I start? She is fully potty trained, day and night... knows all of her colors (her favorite is blue), and LOVES the doodlebops. She is such a sweet big sister. Always giving baby Wook! "Luke" kisses and hugs and trying to "help" Mommy. She talks all the time and wants to do everything herself! She looks a lot like Daddy, but totally has my personality (drama queen!). As sweet as she is, we are definitely getting a taste of what everyone calls the "terrible twos". You never think it's going to happen to you. Ever heard "my child will NEVER act like that. HAHAHA! Just wait. Even the most precious little faces are capable of it. :) Her favorite word is NO. We are now throwing ourself on the floor, whining, crying, and trying to get away with anything we can. It's fun! Good times... Overall though, we are so thankful for her sweet and loving spirit. She is our little princess.

Tomorrow, for her bday, we are going to get up and make chocolate chip pancakes, dress up in our birthday girl shirt and tiara (thanks to Aunt Heather and Aunt Kelly) visit Chikfila for lunch, play at the mall playplace, and bake a rainbow cake (her request!) It should be loads of fun. We are having her party on Saturday here at the house. It's a doodlebops theme. She's dressing up in a Dee Dee costume for the party that Aunt Heather bought her. So cute I can't stand it, I'll post pics later.

Baby Lucas couldn't be better. He is so laid back! Totally opposite of Savannah. She was really high maintenance. He sleeps and eats and cries when he gets gas, is hungry, or tired. He's so sweet and very healthy! He outgrew his newborn diapers and clothing after 2 weeks. He just goes with the flow.

Well, that's it for now, will try to post more soon.

BTW, the pictures up top are of Savannah. The 1st is her fingerpainting naked in the bathtub (really fun for her and easy to clean up too!), the next is her and her adorable boyfriend Aiden at Chikfila for National Cow Day, they dressed up like cows to get free food ;), the next two are of her and her aunt Heather and Uncle Richard at our house shortly after Lucas was born.

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