Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucas Jacob Holcombe

I went in for my 32 week appointment yesterday and everything looks great with baby Lucas! He was measuring right on track, very strong heartbeat... Praise God. He is a very active baby. He moves ALL the time (even at night... fun fun!) Only 7 more weeks from today and I can hold him in my arms. Just wanted to update!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update on the Family

It's been a while since I've given an update on the Holcombe bunch!

Savannah or "Fannah" as she calls herself is on a potty training mission. It's been 3 days now of using the potty on a regular basis. She's so excited to say bye bye to diapers and hello to big girl panties. Mommy is too! Diapers are SO expensive. We'll get atleast 8 weeks break from buying diapers, better than nothin'! She loves to wipe, flush and tell her pee pee bye bye. We use stickers and candy to motivate her (she calls them 'treats')

Her language has exploded the last couple of weeks. It's amazing how fast they grow in such little time. Her new phrases are "no more", "i do!" (very popular), "golf ball", "in a minute", and many more. New words pop up every day!

Her new interest is fire trucks! Her great uncle Chuckie took her for a ride on one of his fire trucks a few weeks ago when we were in Charleston for my cousin Heather's graduation/engagement party. Ever since then, she's been obsessed. We have a fire station close to our house and they told us to come by any time to let her visit and get inside of a firetruck. She did it today and was ecstatic. In her broken sentences, she says "fire" "hot" "whoo whoo". Then when we leave, I hear "more, more, more!"

She is getting very excited about her baby brother Lucas. So is Mommy! Only 8 more weeks. She knows exactly who he is and where he is. She loves to lift my shirt and kiss the baby. She tries to feed him through my belly button. heehee, and sometimes thinks she has a baby in her belly too. She went to my last doctors appointment with me and got to hear his heart, so she now says "baby" "heart" "beat beat". It's so sweet. She's really good with babies so we're hoping she doesn't get too jealous. She's such a great helper!

Lucas is growing every day and VERY active. He doesn't stop moving. He's been so healthy this whole pregnancy. We are so thankful and so blessed to be given two angels, one boy, one girl... God is good!

Brian is great! He's been working from home a lot which is super. He's such a trooper when Savannah wants Daddy to go EVERYWHERE with us, from the park to the play place to the grocery store and so on. She loves her Daddy and if you ask her whose baby she is, she says DADDY! She calls him "my Daddy" a lot. It's so sweet. We've really been enjoying the time together as a family. That's about it for now. I'll update more often now that I am on the computer more. Hope all is well with everyone.