Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1st OB visit for Baby #2

So, we had our first visit to get a sneak peak of Baby #2. Brian has had to be out of town a lot lately. His business picks up towards the end of the year. He's been working his butt off, but it is great for his company! He was very disappointed not to be able to make it, but he rarely missed an appt. with Savannah. I am estimated to be 5 weeks and 5 days along, so the ultrasound only shows the gestational sac and the little white circle in the middle is called the yolk sac. I just learned this today, but this is where the tiny embryo gets all the nutrition in the very early days. The baby was TOO small to show up this time, so I get another ultrasound next Wednesday. She guessed that my due date would be between July 17 and 20. How exciting! I'm not really feeling pregnant except for a little nausea and a little tiredness. I'm not expecting any big symptoms, if any, until the end of the week. Hopefully this continues, I'd be very happy. Well, I'll post more soon!

Friday, November 9, 2007


We just wanted to announce that Baby Holcombe #2 is on the way. This was a BIG surprise, but we couldn't be more thrilled. Savannah is going to be a big sister! The estimated due date is July 17, 2008. They will be 23 months apart. We go to the doctor in a few weeks and I'll post more soon. A wise man once told me that "children are the only gifts God gives you that you can take to Heaven with you." How true...

Monday, November 5, 2007

New to Blogging

Hey all!

Thank you for visiting our new blog. Brian, Savannah and I are so excited to have finally created our own BLOG! We are looking forward to keeping you updated on new and exciting things going on in our family.

A little update - Brian & I have been married now for 3 and 1/2 years. I am now a stay at home mommy! I quit my job at North Point Community Church in August to stay home with Savannah (now 15 months!). I loved my job, but I felt like I was really missing out on a lot. She is growing so much every day and I didn't want to miss another minute. I am also getting back into acting and modeling. We'll see where that takes me :)

Brian has owned his own company for the past few years. He and his partner run East Coast Industrial Services where they repair & erect manufacturing plants (i.e. cement and concrete plants). Their jobs range from large (building a plant from the ground up) to smaller scale repairs & safety improvements. He loves it. He gets to be home a lot with us, but he does travel a little during the year.

Savannah is now 15 months old. She is SO hilarious. Her favorite things are our 3 dogs. We have two Beagles, Bella & Baylee, and a new yellow lab puppy, Lexi. They are so sweet and are in love with Savannah. She is running around and is VERY busy. Some of her favorite things are to care for her babydoll, read animal books w/ Mommy, "drive" the car, blow out candles (over & over & over), play at the mall playground, take walk with her best friend Bugsy who lives next door, play with her other friends in the culdesac (especially Karla!) and TALK! Her favorite foods are eggs, cheese, goldfish, steak, raisins, tomatos, and just about anything sweet. She is a trip. VERY outgoing and friendly. She will wave and blow kisses to just about anybody. She loves to play peekaboo and climb up our stairs. She also loves to brush her teeth. In fact, she's obsessed with it! "ba ba"! (toothbrush) She has to have the water and toothpaste on it every 5 seconds. She will NOT wear socks or shoes in the car, but she will watch the same episode of Barney on repeat every time we get in the car.

Well, that's a little update. We'll post more soon. Happy blogging!