Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pregnancy Complications

Well, I am almost 35 weeks pregnant with baby Brooke Noel! SO exciting! I am really counting the weeks, no! Make that DAYS (36 days and counting). It is beginning to seem a lot more real the closer we get that we will have 3 babies under the age of 4 come summer time. I love having my kids close together. Savannah and Lucas are so close to each other and having a girl first was a blessing. She is very "mother-like" and takes such good care of her brother. She is BIG help too! She can unload the dishwasher (the low stuff), feed the dog, do a load of laundry, bath herself completely and help with her brother, get herself dressed, get me anything I need so I don't have to get up, and the newest skill... she can buckle her own seatbelt! She cannot wait to be a big sister again... she kisses my belly all the time and lays on Brooke, talks to her, and loves on her all the time. Lucas is excited too. I think he thinks Brooke is in my belly button. HAHA, he knows who she is and prays for her every night. He loves babies and plays with Savannah's babydolls, takes care of them, feeds them, rocks them, it is so sweet! His girlfriend is baby Lauren down the street. It is true love for sure, shes a younger woman. hehehe!

Ok, onto my pregnancy complications. This pregnancy has been challenging to say the least. We almost lost her in the first trimester. I had a subchorionic hemorrhage in my uterus and they gave me a 60% chance of miscarrying. That was very scary, but she hung in there and the SCH was dissolved by 14 weeks. What a miracle! Since then, I developed severe varicose veins in my legs and other not so fun areas. I thought they looked pretty bad, but my doctor confirmed my thoughts in the 2nd trimester by saying they are the worst he's seen in 25 years of practice. They are REALLY ugly! Not just ugly, but very painful. They create lots of pressure, itching, burning, and lots of discomfort! In addition to these, I developed a hernia in my groin area that has grown to golf ball sized at this point. He thinks I have additional hernias as well in that area that are not as pronounced because of my pain level. To top it all off, I began getting a sciatica like pain in my third trimester that is debilitating. At this point, I cannot stand or walk without experiencing excruciating pain. Since I am in little to no pain while sitting, Brian hired a part time nanny last week who comes from 8:30 - 1:30. She is awesome! She helps me all morning and puts the kids down for their naps at 1:00 so I can sit and rest until technically 3 in the afternoon. I am so grateful to Brian for offering this help, as it was getting to be too much pain for one person to handle. My doctor ordered a lightweight wheelchair that arrived this morning. It is awesome! It is really going to help with the pain the next few weeks. I have to remind myself that it could be so much worse. Atleast the conditions I have aren't life threatening for me and the baby. Just pain for mommy!

Well, the kids are off with Amy (their nanny) all morning. They went to the Yellow River game ranch. I know they are going to have a blast! I miss those times with them, but I know this is short term. That's it for now...

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Anonymous said...

APril, I'm sorry to hear that you've had all those complications. I'm amazed at how you're handling things with all the pain you're going through. Like you said, hang in there, the ride is almost over. You'll be a great and loving mother all over again!! ;-) Wish you the best luck with everything.

Sandra Berrio